Izabo's music doesn't sound like anything else: It's a brilliant, action-packed combination of psychedelic rock, disco, punk and Arab music. It's complex and powerful - and at the same time light, colorful, almost clownish. The voice of the singer, Ran Shem Tov, is one of those high-to-screeching male voices invented by Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, and his Jimmy Page-like guitar accompaniment would be absurd were he not an excellent guitarist. Izabo do alternative rock with Mediterranean touches. They can meet any international standard with relevance and freshness, limitless creativity, groove, sensuality, joy and most of all, unending fun. The debut EP 'Morning Hero' is out Aug 30th on First Light/BMG.

Out in Stores
August 30th

- Morning Hero
- I'm On You

- Play With Me

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